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Welcome to our PR page for journalists who write announcements,
news, reviews, interviews, articles and other pieces on K4 Club,
or simply wish to share extra information on events taking place
at K4 Club or under our sponsorship.


Media accreditation

We kindly ask the journalists who wish to attend a particular event
in K4 Club to apply for the accreditation at least 3 days before the
event. Accreditation is intended for individuals and the press
reporting on the activities of K4 Club and the performing artists.


K4 PR service manages its own distribution network. The K4 street
team is responsible for weekly distributions of flyers on all of our
partner locations in Ljubljana, focusing in particular on student
facilities. If you would like to appear on K4 Club flyers or on K4 Club
info points or if you wish to include your promotion spot into the K4
distribution network, contact us on